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Our home security experts offer  support, ready to handle various security needs, including emergencies, with service available 

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Live assistance from specialists is accessible. We're here to promptly connect you with the ideal home security system tailored to your needs, ensuring peace of mind in just minutes

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When you require urgent home security services in your vicinity, we prioritize the earliest available appointment to ensure your safety needs are met promptly. Typically, we accommodate requests for home security consultations for immediate installation or same-day appointments.

Our home security system on that offers both Video Verification & Video Analytics at no extra cost.

Video analytics gives you the ability to customize the parameters of the activity the security system is looking for and receive a notification when the alarm criteria are set.

Video verification is when you and the Fluent Monitoring Station receive video clip notifications when your Fluent

Home security system is triggered so you can verify the threat or cancel the security alarm.

Regardless of your home security requirements, count on us to assist you every step of the way. Securing your home is as easy as:
Responding to a brief inquiry.
Identifying the ideal security system tailored to your needs.
Instantly arranging a consultation with our security experts for installation and setup.